Towards a New General Water Law: Challenges and Opportunities


Mexico’s water resources present a difficult scenario of important challenges for the future. Climatic and socioeconomic factors have negatively affected on per capita resource availability. Moreover, the resource has significantly decreased. In urban areas, the population density has increased water demand to satisfy its needs. In turn, hydrometeorological phenomena, such as, drought, accentuates this situation. Therefore, the Mexican State needs to take concrete actions to make the human right to water a reality.

On March 4, 2015, the Joint Committee on Water and Sanitation as well as Water Resources of the House of Representatives approved the Draft Decree by which the General Water Law is issued. On March 10, the Draft Decree was going to be referred to the full House of Representatives; nevertheless, the Political Coordination Board decided to postpone its discussion “as long as necessary” in order to clear up some concerns, mainly in the sense that water services will be privatized. The Board authorized discussion forums to address these concerns with various actors of society.

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