Telecommunications Reform and Other Policies that Impact on Both the Internet and ICTs for the Economic Development of Mexico


Several studies, as well as international experience, allow us to verify that there is a direct relationship between economic growth, the use of the internet and ICTs. The Mexican Government, in turn, has taken various steps that have a direct impact on technology. To date, however, there have been few studies that have critically analysed the actions taken by the Mexican Government in the light of international recommendations.

Additionally, it should be said that the use of the internet and information technologies presents new legal challenges, particularly certain concerns regarding the treatment of privacy, as well as other risks derived from espionage and the legal problems of each country. Consequently, we consider it appropriate to analyse critically certain governmental policies in connection with the internet and ICTs.

In this sense, this study will resolve the following questions: what legislative measures and other acts of authority has the Mexican Government taken to address this issue? What are both the beneficial and critical aspects of such measures? What are the challenges for the Mexican Government in order to efficiently regulate the telecommunications sector as well as the internet and other ICTs?

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